About this site

This site has gone through many iterations over the years. The path to eudaimonia can be a winding and arduous adventure. This redevelopment was prompted by having to go through a JavaScript build/compile process just to add content to the previous version of the site (Single Page App, Vue, Vuex, Vue-Router, Axios & json).

As mentioned in the article, I've used Laravel 7.29 (as I haven't yet updated my PHP version) and Vue 2.6.12 ('Not 3.x?' Why?) for the redevelopment. The Vue components are mainly holdovers from the last development that are being used in a separate project and so, as well as just being staged here to make sure everything's in place, they also serve as little examples of what Vue can do and are all open-source and available on my GitHub profile (though I am currently in the process of moving to GitLab).