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Moving back to Laravel's web routes file (from Vue-router)
Old site

☝️ The old JS-heavy site needed a full build/compile to change certain parts of it

Site redesign...

I've rebuilt the site to move back from a Vue-focussed, component-oriented structure to a more Laravel-focussed, Blade-oriented structure...I'm still using Vue components, like on the mapping page and the charting in the admin area (using a similar method to the charting page, but with props sent into the Blade from the controller), I just want to focus more on the PHP side of things on this site rather than the Vue/Axios call-from-frontend type of architecture used on some of my other sites (which populate frontend components by calling RESTful endpoints from a Vuex store).

It's built using Laravel 7.29 as I was still using PHP 7.2.31 at the time, so it was the latest version available to me until I updated my PHP version*. With that now done I'm now updating the Laravel version to 8.x. On the JavaScript side of things I'll be sticking with Vue 2.6, but will be using it a little less to try to avois the build/compile and upload-the-app process whenever I want to change something. I may, instead, use the CLF approach.

The rebuild comes with the added bonus that now every colour, transition, glow/shadow or radius is an SCSS variable, so altering a single value in a single place can change the look of the whole site substantially (e.g. change the radius of everything from 10px to 15px).

The new version probably isn't much more visually appealing, but it will be more functional, which was the key objective.

*Which I have now done, to PHP 8.0.8

Laravel news

Laravel 8.43 has just been released. As mentioned above, I can't benefit yet, because of my PHP version (which I'm updating after I upload this site). It looks awesome though - chech out the source on GitHub

Vue news

Nearly as interesting, though not quite, is that it turns out the transition from VueJS 2.x to 3.x is bringing out the inner Luddite in some of us. Read on...

Ecosystem news

In loosely-related news...